PES 101 Power Metal Paste

PES 101 Power Metal Paste

101 power metal repair paste notes

PES 101 Power Metal Paste is a two-component solvent-free epoxy metal repair compound designed to fill surface erosion & corrosion on metallic surfaces.

  • Apply to mechanically & abrasive blast-cleaned surfaces
  • High mechanical adhesion to metal substrates
  • Apply at thicknesses up to 1”

Typical Applications

  • worn or damaged pump shafts
  • cracked pump or valve casings
  • scored hydraulic rams
  • worn bearing housings
  • damaged flanges
  • leaking tank seams
  • worn keyways
  • cracked engine blocks
  • damaged vessel hulls
  • eroded rudder surfaces
  • corroded bow thruster tunnels
  • cold bonding steel plate

Surface Preparation, Pressure, and Temperature Tolerance

ProductGradeFabric or plateSurface PreparationPressure ToleranceTemperature tolerance
101 Power Metal Repair PastePasteReinforcement tapeWire brush


101 Power Metal Repair PastePasteFormed steel plateMechanical –

Needle gun, rotary wire brush, angle grinder, MBX bristle blaster

101 Power Metal Repair PastePasteFormed steel plateAbrasive blast clean, minimum



Product Characteristics and Testing

ProductGradeUsable LifeTouch DryHard DryFull loadDry Temp ResistWet ImmersedVolume Capacity
101 Power Metal Repair Paste Paste30mins2hrs8hrs2days302°F158°F24cu in/kg
 Compressive Strength


Tensile Shear Adhesion D 1002Flexural Strength


Hardness Rockwell R ASTM D785
  (15,300psi) 1075kg/cm² (2630psi) 185kg/cm² (10,000psi) 703kg/cm²100

To see our product specification sheet for PES 101 Power Metal Paste click here